One unified API for voice, optimized for cross-platform growth

Build voice-first and UI-rich experiences across Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Bixby and everywhere else.

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Voice for any business
From content providers to service providers, from e-commerce to subscription businesses, we offer a complete API stack for all your voice development needs.
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Cross-platform and future-proof
Save heavy-lifting and time by using our APIs to build for multiple platforms in one go. Never worry about how underlying platforms may change, as our API abstracts your codebase from those changes.
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Voice-enable your mobile app
Elevate your iOS and Android app by adding voice control effortlessly. Empower your users to quickly access key content and features by talking.
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Fast and powerful
Create an account online in minutes and get your voice app running quickly. Enjoy powerful features like pre-built NLP libraries and analytics dashboard.


Build once, run everywhere

One unified API that ensures cross-platform compatibility

All voice platforms supported
Maximize your user reach on voice, the world's fastest growing interface. Minimize your engineering headaches.
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Google Assistant









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Tencent Xiaowei



Chat platforms too
Extend your presence onto the most popular chat platforms and reach even more users.




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Apple business chat


Sound great and look great on all devices

Delight automatically adjusts your users’ experience based on their devices and settings.

Adaptive output
Your output is automatically adjusted, depending on the user device, to the most suitable combination of speech, audio, text, image and video.
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Adaptive UI
Use Delight’s unified UI components which are mapped at run-time to the most suitable native components on each platform. Never worry about when to use carousels, cards or lists again.
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Future-proof your code

Write once, worry no more

No matter how the voice assistants and messaging platforms evolve their native APIs, your code is future-proof.

By integrating with Delight API, your code is abstracted away from changes in the underlying native API’s.
Constantly growing
As new supported platforms emerge, your software will automatically run on them with no development effort.
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Voice-enable your mobile app

Elevate your mobile app

Delight API empowers your users to use their voice with your iOS and Android apps. Find key content and get important things done quickly.

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Open apps
Lost in a sea of apps? Enable users to launch your app directly by voice through Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Bixby and others.
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Hands-free access
Respond and serve users whether they are cooking, driving, holding a baby or in other scenarios requiring hands-free access.

Fast and Flexible

As little, or as much NLP as you like

No experience in natural language processing? Or prefer to use your own NLP? No problem, Delight API is engineered with speed, flexibility and power in mind.

Flexible NLP options
Simply change a parameter to choose between receiving NLP-processed and intent-resolved results, or raw user input if you prefer to do your own NLP.
Pre-trained industry models
Prefer zero NLP? Use Delight’s continuously expanding library of industry models to resolve user requests into intents.
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Build rich and powerful experiences

The Delight API allows you to build rich and powerful user experiences with the latest features available on underlying platforms with a unified API.

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Push notifications
Send push notifications to your users everywhere with a single integration.
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Sell products and services, perform transactions and accept payment by voice across multiple platforms in one unified API.
Daily content
Send subscription content, daily reminders and other scheduled information in a platform-agnostic way.


Scale globally

Delight makes it easy to launch new markets and engage users speaking different languages.

i18n through and through
Designed for i18n from Day 1, Delight’s core API is compatible with all languages. The only limitation is the set of languages supported by the voice assistant platforms you wish to build for.
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Growing library of pre-trained models
A selection of pre-trained models are available in different languages, depending on industry and scenario.
Natural Language Processing

Analytics and Reporting

Gain insights with analytics dashboard

The Delight analytics dashboard lets you easily view and sort information to understand more about your users, content, and conversions.

Platforms and Users
View how your voice app is performing in each of the platforms. Retrieve user, usage and interaction statistics.
Content and Interaction
Identify common user requests and top-performing content. Use that as a basis to improve your voice app.
Define call-to-actions, track conversions and achieve your business goals.

Create a voice app in 3 minutes